Why Julius Debrah could be John Mahama’s choice for running mate in 2024

9th August 2023

The National Democratic Congress’ succession and continuity stand as paramount objectives, alongside campaign strategies designed to counteract the disturbing trends of electoral malpractice set by the current Government.

The outcome of the 2024 Presidential election and the future trajectory of the NDC hinge upon a pivotal decision that the party leader, in conjunction with the council of NDC elders, must carefully deliberate upon.

This decision possesses the potential to either solidify or shatter the party’s path ahead.

This crucial determination stems from the culmination of efforts to identify the ideal running mate.

Should the candidate hail from the North, South, East, or West? An erroneous selection of a running mate for H.E. John D. Mahama could sow seeds of discontent within the party’s ranks, given the ongoing discussions and concerns among party members. It is imperative that this choice be made devoid of sentimental biases, financial considerations, personal ambitions, or group interests.

It is vital to acknowledge the prevailing national security crisis ushered in by the NPP, which, if not navigated astutely when choosing a running mate for John D. Mahama, could potentially jeopardize the unity and stability of our cherished nation post-Mahama’s term.

The NDC finds itself at a pivotal juncture in Ghana’s modern history, demanding a youthful, dynamic, and seasoned candidate who comprehends the party’s formal and informal structures, the policy evolution spanning from the J.J. Rawlings and Atta Mills eras to John Mahama’s initial term, and the current ‘BIG PUSH’ agenda.

This search for a running mate, who will bolster the Mahama brand now resonating more powerfully in Ghana, can be likened to the quest for the incarnation of a Dalai Lama.

Numerous names have surfaced, each possessing considerable strength. However, approaching this matter with objectivity and pragmatism, Ghana requires a robust candidate of a relatively youthful disposition, potentially even younger than H.E. John D. Mahama.

It is undeniable that our journey must lead to finding a successor to John Mahama, one who appeals not only to party loyalists but also to voters across political divides. This candidate must possess the ability to evoke confidence among NDC members and supporters. Gender should not be a determining factor; instead, emphasis should be placed on identifying a resolute candidate capable of making tough decisions and taking decisive actions in critical moments.

The victory of the NDC in the 2024 general elections hinges on a running mate who resonates with John Mahama’s vision and the NDC’s mission.

The need for a social adept who can counteract the sociopathic tendencies exhibited by the NPP is imperative.

A running mate who commands respect within the fourth estate of our democratic
landscape in Ghana is pivotal for advocating the NDC’s ‘BIG PUSH’ agenda. To counteract economic challenges and the intimidation of NPP critics, a candidate with robust human and diplomatic relations skills is required to restore order in a nation that risks spiraling into chaos if the government disdains the rule of law.

An individual who has emerged from the trenches, possessing both interpersonal acumen and resource mobilization abilities across various party levels, is indispensable.


To counterbalance the perception of NPP as an Akan party and to strengthen the NDC’s appeal, selecting an Akan running mate from either the Ashanti or Eastern region is advisable.

The NDC should target these regions to neutralize the strongholds of the Ashanti and Eastern region as demonstrated by the 2008 election results. Given the Eastern region’s history of producing formidable party stalwarts, it stands as a potential powerhouse adjacent to the influential Volta region.

The chosen running mate should possess an in-depth understanding of our evolving culture and the socio-economic landscape of both the NDC and Ghana at large. Familiarity with the party’s formal and informal structures, as well as its internal political dynamics, is indispensable.

This candidate must bridge the past, present, and future of the party, serving as a vital link between the nation’s history and its aspirations.

In the current political landscape, age carries significance alongside knowledge and posture. Therefore, the NDC requires a young yet mature, energetic individual to complement H.E. John Mahama.

While I personally do not hold religious beliefs, it is evident that the NDC, under John Mahama’s leadership, has risen from a barrage of falsehoods and malicious propaganda propagated by the ethically questionable NPP.

In my candid assessment, among the names circulating within party ranks, Hon. Julius Debra stands out prominently.

His experience in both governance and opposition, sociable nature, and ethnic background
(Akan) make him an appealing choice. His charisma, ability to mobilize party members, and deep loyalty further solidify his candidacy.

The perceived limitation of delayed communication responses could be better understood within the context of his demanding role.

I perceive this as an opportunity to bridge generational gaps and gain insights into the needs of future generations.

The choice of a running mate must counteract the stereotype that the NDC is an Ayigbe
(Ewe tribe) party, thereby ensuring the party’s survival. His Excellency Julius Debrah aligns closely with JM’s vision, embodying loyalty and substantial political experience.

He has gone through the mail as Social Democrat, Cadre, Regional Chairman of the NDC in the Eastern Region for years and has held positions in government as Director General of Ghana Tourist Board, Eastern and Greater Accra Regional Minister and most of all the Chief of Staff under John Mahama 1st term.

Against this backdrop I firmly believe that the fortunes and prospects of the NDC in the forthcoming general elections, especially in the Akan speaking regions, will be favorable to the NDC if Julius Debrah is selected.

This accomplishment can serve as inspiration for the party’s youthful base and youth of Ghana who are yearning for the return of John Mahama as the next President of the Republic of Ghana.

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