Where Do We Send The Guantanamo Bay Terrorists To In Two Years?

In our frenzy to get rid of the two Yemeni terrorists in our midst, we seem to have failed to ask the most important question concerning this albatross President Mahama has wrapped around our necks and the question is; WHERE DO WE SEND THE GUANTANAMO BAY TERRORISTS IN TWO YEARS IF WE FOUND THEM TO BE SECURITY RISK TO GHANA? This question has become necessary and needs to be answered by our clueless and Incompetent President due to the fact that, USA has made it clear that they will not accept the two back in two years.

Not only has USA kicked against taking the two terrorists back, our own government through the Deputy Communication Minister Ofosu Kwakye has come out to say that we cannot send them back to USA so in two years if we found out the two Yemeni terrorists are no more welcome in Ghana, where do we send them? This to me is a legitimate question to ask because Mahama might not even be President of Ghana in two years time.

Since the Foreign and Interior Ministers of Ghana were not part of the negotiating team that agreed to allow these terrorists in Ghana and we don’t know who else was in the room when Mahama signed the agreement to allow the two to settle in Ghana, maybe he can tell Ghanaians where he is going to repatriate the two terrorists to in two years assuming he will still be around as the President in two years when our compassion tank runs dry.

This decision to accept the two hardened terrorists, yes, they were hardened terrorists when they were twenty and twenty two years old in terrorists camps in Afghanistan. That decision to accept them was not very well brainstormed because we don’t seem to have any exit strategy if we found it necessary to terminate our brotherly love or is it the President’s financial love? President Manama idea that they were only twenty and twenty when they were arrested and therefore pose no risk to Ghana shows that he President Mahama is not well informed. Some of these terrorists start their killing careers when they were fourteen and fifteen and at age 20 and 22, Atuk and Al Dhuby were Captains in terrorists camps.

Are we going to give the two terrorists a carte blanche plane tickets and tell them to find a country of their choice to move to or Yemen will accept them back after their reformation in Ghana after curing them of their terroristic tendencies? Hopefully constant consumption of “Tuo saafe, banku, fufuo and akple” will change their terroristic DNA to preachers of world peace.

Justice Sarpong


Written by Web Master

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