What stops police from arresting, detaining and prosecuting Hawa Koomson –Kwaku Azar wonders

Legal luminary and professor, Stephen Kwaku Asare alias Kwaku Azar has questioned the basis upon which the Minister of Special Development Initiatives, Mavis Hawa Koomson, went to a voter registration centre to fire gunshots, wondering why the police is yet to arrest, detain and process her for court.

Yesterday, Ms Koomson, who is also the Member of Parliament (MP) for Awutu Senya East, admitted to firing gunshots at a registration centre in Kasoa so as to frighten away persons when she felt threatened. She explained that in the ensuing skirmishes at the centre, she fired her arm to disperse persons around when she felt she was under attack.

Even though she did the act in the full glare of the public and the Ghana Police Service, she was not arrested. The police merely looked on as she later drove away, later admitting to have fired the shots at the centre on radio.

But Mr Azar has called for arrest and legal action taken against her, noting that people like her at working to disturb the country’s when it is apparent they do not understand where the county has been.

The stressed that her lawlessness must not be politicised but she must face the laws, calling on the police to wake up.

“I do not understand what empowers a minister of state to go to a registration center to fire warning shots.

Nor do I understand what disables the police from arresting, detaining and processing her for court.

There is nothing NPP or NDC about such lawlessness and we must stay the temptation to clothe it as such.

Too many people who do not understand where this country has been are working very hard to disturb the peace and democracy that we now take for granted.

The police must wake up and do its job now,” he wrote on his page sighted by

Meanwhile some leading security experts have called on the President to sack her. Notable among them is Adams Bonaa who has stated that she has to be relieved of her post as Minister.

What do you think?

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