We’ve voted for NDC since 1992 but our roads bad – Shai Osudoku queen mother threatens election boycott

The Queen Mother of the Osudoku Traditional Area, Nana Amponsah Dokua III, has issued a stern warning, declaring potential boycotts of the upcoming 2024 elections if the longstanding issue of inadequate road infrastructure in the region is not promptly addressed.
Expressing her dismay, Nana Amponsah Dokua III emphasised the persistent lack of development in Osudoku despite years of voting, singling out the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for their perceived failure to bring essential progress to the area.

She said Shai Osudoku is seething with discontent, and the traditional leaders find themselves perched on a ticking time bomb.

The traditional leader complained that despite unwavering support for the National Democratic Congress since 1992, the area has not witnessed any meaningful development.

“Shai Osudoku is not happy, and the people, especially the traditional leaders, are sitting on a time bomb”, she fumed, adding: “Somebody will ask why nothing is happening in Shai Osudoku, and we have voted for the National Democratic Congress for so many years”.

“We have never changed from the NDC to any other party since 1992, but nothing is going on, and, so, we are warning that if they don’t take care, things will change”, she warned.

“The roads in Shai Osudoku are very bad, especially in the Osudoku traditional area. There is not a single tarred road in the area, and either we will not vote or allow any ballot box into the area”, she threatened.

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