We’ll win 60% of Greater Accra votes – Ade Coker

The Greater Accra regional branch of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) says it plans to secure sixty percent of the total votes in the region ahead of the general elections in 2016.

This was revealed by the party’s Regional Chairman, Ade Coker.

In 2012 the party obtained a little over fifty percent of the presidential ballot and gained 20 seats in the Greater Accra region.

The party described the plan as agenda 60/40.

The Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the party, Ade Coker expressed confidence that the party can consolidate and build on its previous performance given the developmental projects undertaken in Greater Accra.

“Also, in terms of the vote, collected in the region, we are poised to take 60 percent and give 40 percent for the other parties to share. So our agenda for 2016 is one, greater Accra is poised to gain 60 percent of the votes and also 25 parliamentary seat.”

He added that:”We know that the people in the Greater Accra will attest that Pesident Mahama’s agenda of transforming Ghana and changing lives is on course. So we ask all our members in the region to ensure that on the 21st of November, they give him a hundred percent endorsement.”

He emphasized the need for the party to be united to ensure its victory in the 2016 general elections.

“We are asking no more no less when it comes to elections of 2016, Greater Accra we are poised to take 25 seats so it is imperative that in greater accra regional party members, foot soldiers show a sense of unity and purpose so all this bicker should come to an end.

“We are a current party, we are a party for the people and also we believe that there is no need for us to engage ourselves in all die be die to come to power but to come to ensure that we serve the people for the common good of mankind and humanity.”

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