We’ll deal with warmongers in Ghana – Woyongo

Interior Minister Mark Woyongo has served notice that anyone interested in truncating the peace that Ghana is enjoying will be dealt with drastically.

Woyongo warned that as Ghana enters into an election year, the security services will be on red alert to cease warmongers.

“Anybody who is out there to destroy our country, who is out there to ensure that Ghana goes the way other countries have gone in the area of war and that kind of thing, we should bring that person to book,” Woyongo said in his Christmas message to Ghanaians.

“We can only do this if we are working together, cooperating with the security agencies.”

He asked: “If we have a serious conflict in Ghana, where are we going?… There is no other country we can call our own.”

The police in recent times has been intercepting weapons in the hands of foreigners and Ghanaians.

Meanwhile, the Northern regional police command has arrested seven people with two AK 47 rifles.

A laptop found in the room of one of the accused persons has videos of Taliban and other terrorism related sessions.

Starr News’ Alhaji Tanko who had the opportunity to watch some of the videos said there was a blackboard in the room and with the inscriptions on the board, it is believed that is where the group uses as their training sessions.

The Taliban is an Islamic fundamentalist political movement in Afghanistan.

The suspects are currently in police custody and yet to be charged.

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