We’ll beat NPP supporters – Allotey Jacobs fumes

The Central Regional Chairman of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) party, Allotey Jacobs has served notice that he’ll not hesitate in unashamedly leading an attack on NPP members who allegedly assaulted his party’s Director of Research, Dr. Ahadzi.

According to him, he believes in the Biblical principle of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and will respond to the NPP’s alleged attack in equal measure.

The NDC claims Dr Ahadzi who was on a tour of some voters registration centres in the Central Region was reportedly physically attacked by some NPP errant youth, at the instance of the Member of Parliament fr Effutu, Alexander Afenyo Markin.
The NDC has not taken the alleged incident lightly and hass vowed to give the NPP a taste of its bitter pill.

Speaking to Kasapa News, Chairman Allotey Jacob stated that the NPP which only understands the language of violence must not be allowed to run riot, adding that under his watch the NDC will avenge the said attack on Dr Ahadzi.

“We’ve heard that Afenyo Markin has caused some Macho men (Thugs) to beat our Director of Research Dr Ahadzi. I believe in an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. That issue is being investigated, if it’s found out to be true, we’ll respond, we’ll beat them also, this is a warning I’m giving. There’s nowhere in the If CI 91 which says when party officials are monitoring registration exercises, they should be beaten as Afenyo Markin has caused to be done. If it’s indeed proven to be true, then we’ll respond in equal measure. Action begets reaction, If someone strikes you, and you him back harder twice more than he did to you, the next time he sees you he fears you and will accord you maximum respect,” he said.

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