We told Nigel Gaisie about my husband’s health only for him to use it as a prophecy – Lilian Kumah

The wife of John Kumah, Apostle Lilian Kumah has opened up about Nigel Gaisie’s lies as a prophet.

According to her, Nigel Gaisie knew her husband was suffering from a terminal illness and used the details of his illness for his December 31st prophecy.

Lilian Kumah who spoke to Asaase Radio in an interview indicated that when they got knowledge of what Nigel Gaisie had done, they cut ties with him.

“Nigel Gaisie was like a brother. He knows my late husband, lawyer John Kumah personally, one-on-one. We have sat in this house and eaten together several times. That is how far we go. When he came from abroad to start a church in Ghana, he came to my church, Disciples of Christ Ministries and I did a programme with him dubbed “Let the Prophet Speak”.

“We know him very well and have been aware since November 2023 that the late John Kumah was seriously sick. My husband had a lot of respect for men of Ghana in this country and that included Nigel Gaisie when my husband and I thought he was a genuine man of God,” Apostle Lilian Kumah stated.

“Nigel Gaisie knew very well that my husband was terminally ill as far back as August 2023 but regardless of that, he stood on his altar on 31st December 2023 to lie through his supposed prophesy that a Ghanaian deputy minister will die in the year 2024. What does he want to achieve through these fake prophesies?” John Kumah’s widow questioned.

John Kumah who was a Deputy Finance Minister died on March 7, 2024 at the Suhum Municipal Hospital while he was been driven to Accra to be airlifted to Germany to receive medical attention.

After his death, a number of close associates linked it to poisoning with several others linking it to the struggle for running mate bid in the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

His wife has since complained to the Greater Accra Regional Police to question Captain Smart on his source and claim of John Kumah dying of poisoning.

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