We the good citizens of Bawku Central Constituency who mandated HON. MAHAMA AYARIGA during the 2016 elections to represent us in Parliament wish to express our profound admiration at how our MP remains to be brave, courageous and speaks the truth even in the minority of one. The truth they say will surely stand.

We want to further assure him that we mandated him to go to the August house and to remain truthful because we are with him through thick and thin, no amount of intimidation should let him capitulate on the path of truth and courage.

Parliament is a master of its own and should be encouraging members to be bold enough to speak the truth even in the minority of one at all times.
We strongly believe that the core mandate of the committee was to find facts and present the facts as they are and not evaluate facts and pronounce a final judgement on the matter. We believe the speakers committee has over stepped its boundaries and has dwelled into uncharted waters. Pursuant to Order 191 of the Parliamentary standing orders the committee can not find him guilty of contempt.

The committee we all know was called a FACT FINDING COMMITTEE and as its name suggest it is supposed to find facts as its core mandate and nothing more than that.

It is becoming clear how Parliament is so much in a hurry to put the bribery allegations to a closure instead doing a thorough job to ascertain the credibility or not of the bribery allegations. Ghanaians have become more discerning and can read in between the lines.

It is very obvious the minority side of the house especially leadership is not living up to expectation. We do not expect them to be in bed with the ruling government. It is surprising to the ordinary foot soldier how and why the leadership of the minority is so much in a hurry to throw one of their own to the dogs.

We call on the leadership of the party to as a matter of urgency to call all minority mps to order to avert their minds to the fact that the interest of their constituents and the NDC is supreme and not to be in bed with the ruling Government

Parliament can force Hon. Mahama Ayariga to apologize but we the good citizens are discerning to also take our position and understanding on this matter where Parliament is supposed to have investigated itself.

Thank you


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