We Stand In Solidarity With The Montie Three

After much anticipation and anxiety, judgment was handed down to the Muntie trio, by the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

These gentlemen were first time offenders, they have apologized and have shown a lot of remorse, and our expectation was that the Lords of the law, were going to temper justice with mercy.

We were taken by surprise, so were many Ghanaians, who had prayed and fasted against a harsher sentence.

Every misfortune, they say is a blessing, what happened to the trio, could possibly mark the beginning of greater things to come to them.

We know their families will still be in shock, as they never expected this to be the fate of their kinsmen, who left home and were, expected back, but we implore them to be steadfast and remain prayerful, as what is taking from them, will be giving back in multiple fold.

Nobody, should wish prison time for their worst enemies, it is why we are appalled by the way some people have received the news of the incarceration of the trio with joy and jubilation.

Politics must not make us inhumane, we should not lose our compassion and sense of forgiveness, today it is the turn of Salifu Maase, aka, ‘Mugabe’ and two radio panelists: Alistair Nelson and Godwin Ako Gunn, tomorrow it could be any of us.

We should be cautious how we jubilate; these are men who could be our relatives.

We stand in solidarity with the people who believe the sentence was too harsh, we stand in solidarity with the three, who by their conviction, are going to spend four months in prison.

The almighty God, has a way of lifting us up, sometimes not the means we expect, but by testing our resolve.

To Mugabe, Alistair and Ako Gunn, don’t give up, remain strong and God willing, you shall prevail.

The Herald and GhanaPoliticsOnline.Com

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