We must jail everybody to fight corruption – Duncan Williams

Founder of Action Chapel International, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams has bemoaned the level of corruption in the country.
According to him, a total change in attitudes can only fight the menace.
He said wrong belief systems and values has accounted for the upsurge in corruption.

“We need to be very careful as a society. Sometimes when we talk about corruption, corruption, corruption – if we want to correct corruption, we have to jail everybody”, he said.
In a sermon to his congregation, he said persons who want high positions must have gained notoriety in insulting or being loud on radio.

“Today if you want to have a position in government in Ghana today you have to be loud, learn the skill of arguing on radio and you have to learn how to insult people and win argument on radio effectively for four years or eight years when your party come into power you will be given a position,” he added.
According to him, corruption is a result of “the way the society is made up.”

“We have wrong belief systems and we have wrong values, our values are wrong,” he said.
The Archbishop observed that people who have not saved a $1,000 before are signing contracts worth $10m and so get intoxicated by power and pecks.
“You have security. You have a garden boy. You have two armed men, one in the morning, one in the evening. You have a diplomatic passport, you are travelling nations,” he said.
The Archbishop who presides over a church membership of over 100,000 said the exposure to an unsustainable lifestyle, forces the politician to “do everything to maintain that lifestyle”.
He said the politician who tries to revert to a modest lifestyle runs the risk of being poisoned by his wife who has become used to a good life.

The Archbishop said ministers of the gospel also want to drive a fancy car after a few years in ministry.
“There are people who want to drive what I am driving. Do you know how many years it took me to drive a Land Cruiser?”
“It took me 40 years! And you are anointed so you also want to drive a Land Cruiser which it took me 40 years to drive”, he said.

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