“We don’t want you again” – Dome market women tell Adwoa Safo

Some market women in the Dome market have expressed their dissatisfaction with incumbent Member of Parliament Sarah Adwoa Safo, by booing and jeering her during a recent visit.

The MP, who abandoned her constituency and parliamentary duties for over a year, faced strong disapproval from her constituents as she tried to reconnect with them.

In a widely circulated video on social media, Adwoa Safo can be seen trying to engage with market women by offering a friendly handshake.

However, her efforts are drowned out by the sounds of people hooting, shouting, and clapping to express their discontent.

Some of the market women can be heard shouting, “Adwoa Safo, we want change!” and “Adwoa Safo, we don’t want you again!”

The former Minister for Gender and Social Protection, however, ignored the chants of disapproval and continued her duties by engaging with other traders who had extended their hands to greet her.

Adwoa Safo’s extended absence from parliament in 2022 stirred significant controversy. She left the country in November 2021 and failed to appear before the Privileges Committee on several occasions when summoned to explain her absence.

The committee eventually recommended that her seat be declared vacant, but the Speaker of Parliament ruled that the report was not final and must be presented to the entire House for a decision.

This caused disagreement within the parliamentary ranks.

Adwoa Safo recently issued an apology to the President and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for the controversies she caused during her extended absence from parliamentary duties.

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