We Don’t Need A Trial And Error President – President Mahama Tells Nana Addo

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President John Dramani Mahama has taken a swipe at his closest rival in the December presidential race, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo to stop begging people to vote for him so he becomes president. According to President Mahama Ghana does not need to try anyone as president considering the crucial stage we are in as a country.

The president who was addressing supporters at Bimbilla said a leader who cannot unite his political party is not worthy of becoming a president of Ghana. “…It is a very dangerous experiment, Ghana is not at the stage where we are experimenting leadership and so you can’t come and beg that we should try you. “We are not in the era of experiments and trials, we are in the era of what is sure, we have seen this government, one of the major success of this government is peace and stability.” President added that Ghana needs a leader who is tolerant and take criticism in good faith and not a dictator. “What we need in Ghana is an understanding President, the era of dictatorship is gone, we are not looking for a dictator, somebody who can’t stand criticism in his own party, if you criticize him, he will sack you…that is not the kind of leader we are looking for, we are looking for a leader who can bring people together. “We are looking for a leader who can unite Ghana and not a leader who will divide Ghana, if you can’t unite your own party, how do you unite a nation,” President Mahama amid cheers from his sup

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