We Are Ready For Coup d’état – Aseidu Nketia Hints

3rd October 2023

The anticipation mindset of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), to seize power from the ruling government is likely to manifest, as its National Chairman, Johnson Asiedu Nketiah has hinted by raising concerns about the state of Ghana’s democratic stability due to the ongoing economic crisis, suggesting for a possible coup.

According to Aseidu Nketiah, “Ghana is more than ripe for a coup d’état but the only thing that is saving us is the tolerance of Ghanaians. If you look at our history, you will see that the things that have led to previous coup d’états in this country were even less than what is happening now. But the only thing that is saving us is the tolerance and our collective history’’.

The NDC Chairman, who made this assertion in a one-on-one interview on JoyNews’ PM Express on Monday explained that although time is long overdue for the seizure of power and the return of autocratic governance, what is keeping Ghana from descending into chaos is the remarkable tolerance of Ghanaians.

He further explained that “There may be situations that you don’t like and you may be tempted to think that nowhere can be worse than where we are now, so let us disrupt. You’ll disrupt, you will have some relief, but the relief will be short-lived and the relief can lead you into another problem where the new leaders may equally be intransigent. So it will mean that you’ve not solved the problem and that knowledge by Ghanaians is what we’re hanging on to now’’.

The NDC Chairman whose party has been sponsoring a series of demonstrations against the ruling Government, said he believes that the citizens have reflected on the nation’s history, a history marred by various coups that had been triggered by circumstances less severe than the ongoing incidents.

In a smart way to make his case diplomatic, Mr Nketiah cautioned against succumbing to the temptation of disruptive actions, which might offer temporary relief but could ultimately plunge the nation into an even deeper crisis.

As desperate the NDC is fighting for power, the Asiedu Nketiah emphasized that a coup d’état could potentially lead to new leaders who were equally intransigent, perpetuating a cycle of instability.

He further noted that the nation is falling short of the democratic ideals it should uphold noting “It’s a very defective democracy.”

“Citizens are being told that ‘say what you want, we will do what we like’. Are they not spectators? Number two, there’s supposed to be a rule of law. Rule of law means the law is supreme, and everybody is subservient to the law. But what we are seeing is rule by law.”

He said that “rule by law means that you are using the law as a tool to achieve your wishes. So it is characterized by a dictator who looks at the law and says ‘If I do it this way, this way, this way, I’ll get the appearance of acting with the law, but in actual fact, my wishes prevail.’ So that is rule by law. That is what we are having now.”

On the Judiciary system, he noted that “Now, if you have a democracy where survey upon survey turns out a report that 80%/70%, thereabouts have no confidence in your judicial system, you are not running a democracy. Democracy hinges on self-determination. Self -determination, meaning that you choose your leaders, when they are wrong, you fire them and that process is facilitated by an independent and unbiased umpire.”

He continued that “So, if you have the system of ensuring that citizens have the right to change their leaders, that system is blocked or there are attempts to block that system, you are not having a democracy’’.

However, the NDC Chairman encouraged the use of available tools such as peaceful protests, constructive criticism of state institutions, and ensuring that these institutions uphold their responsibilities with integrity.

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