We are fools to pretend all is well

A human being is a very craft and dangerous creature. He/she is capable of doing anything to get anything. Envy, selfishness, hate and jealous drives people’s actions. Unfortunately this is how it has being for ages. Those who read the Bible you can also see that from Genesis to Revelation the elements I have highlighted above make some of the events and situations.

When you also read history books or watch documentaries and movies, you will see that humans always want(ed) to be on top of the other. Bad vices like slavery or tribal war were manly driven by that. People wanted to be seen as superior than others. This sadly is happening even now.

In this regard. If anyone said tribalism, racism, sexism, or mental slavery do not exist that person will be telling you a big lie. These things are real. And we are not doing ourselves any good by pretending they are not there. They are real and they are in our political systems. They are the blood of international organisations. As I said we are suffocating ourselves if we give a blind eye to all these.

The problem we have is that if someone says we have parties or groups that are run on tribal lines such a person will be the one who will be called tribal. If someone said a certain section of our international society is racist such a person will be called a racist. We want to run away from facts. We want to pretend. The more we pretend the more harm we do to ourselves.

Just like in any other country, in Ghana people want to be told that regional or tribal politics do not exist. These things are alive and kicking in our politics and they are a big danger to our democracy. They are a big danger to our spirit of One Ghana-One Nation. In the actual fact we are not doing any good to our generation and that of the future.

We want to pretend but when a person says something to highlight issues in our politics even if they don’t mention the name we become emotional. I mean if we are not tribal why do we even get crossed. For me this is a sign that there is something which we are and probably we want to hide that we are not. Or we are blinded and used by selfish and people hungry for power.

This year we are going to have elections. If we are not careful we are going to go in(to) history books as a generation that ignored issues. A generation that pretend that all was well. Yes we are different just like fruits are but saying everything is well is not a great thing to do.

There are a lot of questions which should be asked and answered and I always ask them to myself. My answer is always the same. We are fools to pretend that all is well. Apart from that as I said above we are not doing any good to our generation and that of the future”

I think you ought to ask yourselves some of these questions. I will share mine without mention of any tribe, race, sex, party, organisation or individual.

1. Why do certain tribes feel more insulted than others even if they are not mentioned.
2. Why is it that when a certain tribe feels insulted it is members of a certain party who takes offence and in turn wants to beat up anyone who may have said something to a named tribe.
3. Why do we look at the names of a person first before reacting. Or why is our reaction influenced by the name of a person saying things.

4. Do we vote on tribal or regional lines. If yes why? If no probably people are just mistaken.
5. Depending on political party ruling or opposition why is it that we choose who to condemn?
6. When exactly did the issue of tribal politics start and why? Maybe we can start from here don’t you think?

Now just have a look at the above questions and try to find your personal answers. Be truthful to yourself. I have not mentioned any group or individual. How you answer the questions will either tell you if tribal politics exist or not. In my opinion again without mention of anyone or tribe. Tribal politics or reactions driven by ones clan or language exist in Ghana. Finding a solution will only come to pass when we accept the status quo.

I foresee a lot of tribal voting in this years elections. If voting is done on merit. I have no problem regardless of ones origin. But if it is going to be based on ones tribe then we have a lot of work to do. People should stand up and see what can be done. Politician regardless of party or number of supports should do their part. Civil Society Organisations, Faith Based Organisations, Media groups and individuals should do their part too. Our chiefs are losing respect because they are seen as selfish individuals who are very hypocritical. They have to win back that respect.

Young people should be protected from hate or tribal sentiments or speech. More importantly young people themselves should say no to such elements. Social Media should be used with caution. You are not a star by ranting on others because of their tribe or because they side something about your kin. You are just foolish. You are a champion or star if you work towards being part of the solution.

We have only one Ghana. How we want to see it it’s all up to us. Building only starts when you acknowledged that there is need to do so. Likewise acknowledging that tribal politics exist will kick start our renew of once upon a time of One Ghana-One Nation. We are going to work and find solutions to help stamp it out. Only then will we have the walking/moving together with one heart sprit.

We are fruits with different tastes let your taste add the right sensation to Ghana. If this is not done. Then!?

I dedicate this to Dr. Zanator Agyeman Rawlings,ndc parliamentary candidate for Klottey Korle constituency,Paul A.A. Justice and Hon Kennedy Nyarko Osei,MP-Akyem Swedru.

Ibrahim Hardi, contact 0208235615,email;

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