We are changing lives one individual at a time – President John Dramani Mahama

President John Dramani Mahama on Thursday singled out individuals whom he said were experiencing the change that was taking place in the country during the delivery of the State of the Nation Address.

He said it was not enough for him to just say that transformation was taking place in the country without having evidence to show.

“As we think we are standing still, change is happening, it is taking place and Ghana our dear country is being transformed. I realised that just saying so does not make it so but I know too that seeing it is always believing,” he said.

According to President Mahama, lives are being changed one individual at a time.
In a novelty with regards to the delivery of State of the Nation address, President Mahama singled out individuals in the public gallery at Parliament House and said the ongoing transformation was without partiality or discrimination.

The individuals included Apem Shulamite and Dzidzor Awamwah, who, according to the President, had both benefited from government educational programmes.

President Mahama also called Zainabu Sumaila, a LEAP beneficiary, Mercy Pomaah, a mother who had a safe delivery at the Nkran-Nkwanta Polyclinic, and Umar Mahmud Moktar, a farm hand in village in the Upper West Region who was now benefiting from a health training institute course.

He said, “These are evidence based testimonies of the transformation taking place in this country… There is every tribe and every ethnicity among these people, it is every religious affiliation, it is every political persuasion, it is young and old, it is various income levels. This is what we call the process of transformation.”

“It is when you don’t see people like this that you don’t realise that change is happening and you think that change is coming. Change is happening and it is happening today in people’s lives,” President Mahama stated.


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