Watch how police officers ‘begged’ for their lives in the hands of ‘galamsey boys’

2nd April 2023

A group of police officers have been captured in a video showing a very tense standoff with some gang of alleged illegal miners (galamsey operators).

In the video sighted by GhanaWeb, a supposed leader of the gang is seen accosting a police officer and accusing the officer of attempting to arrest him after he had given him money.

“You asked me to show you something and I showed it to you. Now I ask you to drop me the car and you insist that you are sending me away. Where were you sending me to? You came to demand money at the sight and we gave you everything. After that, I asked you to drop me from the car and yet you insisted on sending me. SO if I had not asked someone to block the road with a motorbike you would have sent me away,” the gang leader is heard furiously confronting a member of a group of police officers with a patrol car in what looked like a forest.

As the confrontation raged on, the leader of the gang is heard shouting various commands at his group while the police officers bend on their knees pleading.

“Kwame we beg you,” one of the officers states as he held on to his rifle from being taken away from him by the gang leader.

The video has since gone viral on social media with several concerns being raised about the conduct of the police officers and the gang members.

Written by Web Master

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