Watch Actress Kalsoume Sinare Chilling Out At NDC Campaign Launch

Ghanaian actress Kalsoume Sinare , who needs no introduction when it comes to her unflinching support for JM, was captured in a video, making merry with her family and friends at the campaign launch h of the NDC.

She told that she has always actively campaigned for NDC. She also explained why she is keeping it low on her support and campaign for candidate Mahama and the NDC– unlike how loud and visible she was in 2012 for the party.

“If you don’t see me make media noise over my campaign for Mahama, it’s because the campaign strategy have changed – no more too much social media campaign.” “We hitting the grounds with evidence” she added.

You can click here for the video, as Kalsum explain herself in merry with family and friends:

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