Voting out NPP the only way to protect the public purse – John Mahama

Former President John Mahama has reiterated his call for the NPP to be voted out by Ghanaians in 2024 saying it is the only way to protect the public purse from corruption and mismanagement.

According to him, the latest Auditor General’s report is an indication that corruption and wastage in public administration is getting out of hand.

“When I called for a change in government in 2024 as the first step towards halting this hemorrhage of badly needed resources through corruption and holding offending officials to account, our friends in government took offense but it remains the only viable way to save the public purse in the face of abundant evidence that nothing will be done about the situation.

“Today, we have heard a lot of numbers and these numbers tell a story. We politicians like to recite them with aplomb, believing that they show our superior performance. Our people have often questioned the relevance and importance of these numbers by retorting that they do not reflect in their lives or pockets,” Mr Mahama said at an economic forum in Accra Monday.

He stressed: “Our people are beginning to question, whether this whole democratic effort is not only a ruse to grant access to the resources of a country to a few privileged elites to do as they please with it and satisfy their creature comforts to the detriment of the masses who should be the ultimate beneficiaries.

“The much-heralded democratic dividend is fast turning into a mirage far beyond the reach of the people for whom it was intended. There can be no denial of the fact that Ghana is caught in the throes of deep socio-economic problems. Mounting unemployment, affecting millions of our youth, ever declining quality of education, problems with healthcare and agriculture, decaying infrastructure, corruption, weakening and politicization of state institutions, insecurity and unreliable public services continue to make life very difficult for the average Ghanaian”.

Mr Mahama noted “The speed with which hundreds of thousands of young people spontaneously took over social media and demanded that this country be fixed is a cautionary tale on how exactly the people feel about the way this county is being governed”.

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