Vote arrogant Hannah Tetteh out – George Anda

New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary Candidate for Awutu-Senya East in the Central Region, George Andah has said that the constituency is tired of having an ‘arrogant person’ as the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area.

George Andah speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen Programme on Thursday said the constituency rather deserves someone who is down to earth, would work on the plight of the indigenes and not one who is a distant person and not easily approachable.

The former Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of MTN and Airtel Nigeria said this while reacting to a statement by the sitting MP and Foreign Affairs Minister, Hannah Tetteh that he was a ‘novice and a lightweight in the game of politics’ and hence never considered him a threat to her political career.

“Who is George? You are talking as if he is some political heavyweight. This is someone who has not contested elections before, who has never been in the political space before and I am supposed to be afraid of him

“I am the Foreign Minister, I have been Minister of Trade and Industry and I have won this seat twice and I have won an overwhelming mandate in the primaries and I am supposed to be afraid of someone who is, even if you want to be charitable, a novice. You are the people making George Andah somebody, I do not consider him a threat,” she said after winning her party’s primaries.

But this statement, George Andah said would not make him lose focus in his campaign adding that the fact that a ‘novice like me and my team have been able to work to have the former campaign manager of the NDC cross-carpet to our camp tells of what we can do’.

Lieutenant Col. Danny William Osardu who was campaign manager for Foreign Affairs Minister, Hannah Tetteh in the 2012 election this year crossed-carpet to join forces with the NPP citing the lack of needed development in the constituency as a reason.

He told media men in an interview that he believes the NPP and its parliamentary candidate; George Andah will bring that development.

And this move, George Andah who is also a former Chief Operating Officer of GLO said is evident of the amount of work he and his team has been doing on the grounds.

“If a novice and his team could work to have former campaign manager, former DCE, former constituency chairman of NDC come to join us, then we should be considered a force to reckon with…,” he said.

Reacting to claims by the MP that as a former Minister for Trade and Industry and current Foreign Minister, she had enough resources to execute her campaign, George Andah said ‘winning elections is not about resources but rather been close to the voters.’

“Awutu Senya is not interested in an arrogant MP and one who only brings in last minute resources into the constituency, [but] one who is very accessible to the people,” he said.

He therefore urged his constituents to vote against the Hannah Tetteh and the NDC.

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