Video – NPP bribed Professor Martey with $100,000 to speak against Prez Mahama- Former Presby PRO

former Public Relations Officer of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana Dr Emmanuel Osei Acheampong

Dr. Emmanuel Osei Acheampong, the former public relations officer (PRO) of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, who came out to rubbish claims made by the past immediate moderator, that some political party tried to bribe him to keep mute which he refused, has in an exclusive video interview with revealed that the past moderator took the money.

According to the former PRO, the political party which bribed the immediate past moderator of the church in the person of Prof. Emmanuel Martey is the leading opposition party, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and that he has a strong evidence to back his claims.

This allegations contradicts earlier claims by the respected man of God who claimed otherwise when he said he almost unleashed his dogs on the said politicians who came to bribe him.

According to him, Prof Martey is just throwing dust in the eyes of the public after he denied receiving money from the unnamed politicians.

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