VIDEO: NPP Are Wasting Time Searching For A Lost Cow In A Hen Coop- Mosquito

If electoral results accrued from the by-elections conducted in both Talensi and Amenfi West were humbly accepted by the New Patriotic Party without any contestation in court, then General Secretary for the National Democratic Congress believes it would be a waste of time for the Electoral Commission to compile a new register for the 2016 general elections.

Mr. Johnson Asiedu Nketia in an address to the media made it clear that the NPP’s call for a new voters’ register was simply a waste of time and advised the EC not to kowtow to them by embarking on an unrewarding exercise to compile a new register.

He claimed calls for the compilation of a new register “could possibly come from persons who don’t understand the voting process or those who understand it but are looking for a lost cow in a hen coop.”

“They simply want to use everything at their disposal to justify a faulty argument…That is why when your cow is lost and you can’t find it, you go and bow and look into a hen coup whether you can find the cow there. That is how I can describe this argument”, he said.


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