Video: ‘Killer’ of JB Danquah-Adu makes U-turn, says he did not enter the house

The suspected killer of the late Abuakwa North Member of Parliament, JB Danquah Adu says he was standing outside the politician’s home when the murder was being committed.
In a video that has emerged, a woman is heard questioning the suspect. She sought to confirm from the young man if he was standing outside while the murder took place. The suspect said he did not enter the house.
He confirmed to the woman that he has mentioned the names of all the others involved in the gruesome act.
Joseph Boakye Daquah-Adu was murdered at his residence on Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at his residence in Accra.
The Police arrested the young man featured in the video as a suspect in the murder. Police sources told Joy News he had confessed to committing the crime but he seem to be making a u-turn in this video.
Police are yet to confirm media reports that other suspects mentioned by the young man have also been picked up.

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