Vice President’s stop over at Busunu in Northern Region

Vice President Kwesi Amissah-Arthur has described the late Hajia Abiba Nnaba, the mother of President John Dramani Mahama, a significant figure in the country by given birth to and nurturing the current President into who he is today.

He therefore caused a muslim prayer to be said so that God will continually grant her a peaceful rest.

The Vice President who was at Hajia Nnaba’s graveside in Busunu, explained that when she died and was buried in line with Islamic doctrine, he was on international duty for the country and could not pay his last respect to her.

So he took the opportunity of being in the Central Gonja to honour her memory and wish her a peaceful rest.

Before the Vice President could leave Hajia Nnaba’s graveside, residents and NDC supporters in Busunu had laid ambush waiting for him.

They went into ecstasy when the Vice President arrived and the chanting, dancing and singing was deafening.

They massed up on the road and surrounded Mr. Amissah-Arthur’s convoy forcing it to stop.
In a brief remark, he told the people to go all out on December 7 and vote for massively for President Mahama.

He encouraged them to do house to house campaigning to convince the floating voters to vote for President Mahama and the NDC’s Parliamentary candidate.

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