“At the appropriate time, we shall respond in full measure to all the lies that have been told; at the appropriate time, we shall correct him and teach him the things that he doesn’t know but thinks he knows.”

“I heard that somebody has been making a lot of noise about the progress of this country and how the economy is not going well. John Mahama has worked hard and has developed this country to an extent that we haven’t seen in many years.

“But I heard one thing, which I have to correct. On TV, three, four days ago I heard our opponent saying something that was very wrong so let me correct the first one because we will continue to correct him when he goes wrong.

“He said that interest payment had exceeded capital expenditure, ah! even anybody knows that if I borrow money to pay for a road and it is going to take me 10 years to pay for that road, every year I take one tenth of the money and use it to pay back from the person I borrowed the money from,”

“This one it is a simple thing that we learn in primary school. I don’t see how people who have qualification cannot understand this simple concept,”

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