Vendors lament astronomical rise in prices of food items

24 October 2022

Food vendors have lamented the frequent increases in the prices of food items on the market.

The price of 25-litre cooking oil is said to have jumped from GH¢380 to GH¢1000 within the last three months.

The price of a 25 kg bag of rice has shot up from GH¢195 last year to GH¢390, while a carton of chicken has shot up from GH¢125 per 10 kg in July to GH¢300.

“A carton of frozen chicken used to sell at GH¢260 but now, it is going for GH¢300. If I knew it was going to be increased, I would have bought a lot for storage, but there isn’t money to even make that large purchase”, one seller said.

Some food vendors tell Citi News, they are only in business to keep their customers, as they are making no profits.

“I am unable to increase prices, so it is only a small margin that I have added just to maintain my customers”, another said.

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