UTV openly supporting the npp???

UTV openly supporting the npp???

It’s a fact that individuals in a company have every right to support a political party but politically incorrect for the management of a company to prescribe the political party its employees must support, be it verbally or prescribed colours.

It is in this vein that ask if the wearing of npp colours by presenters of UTV lately is the management’s way of making the employees support the npp or just an ignorant act.

Viewers of UTV programs, especially their news will notice that presenters are made to wear a white dress with the well known blue, red and white stripes of the npp in them. This is nowhere near the known green colour of the UTV logo hence causing raised eyebrows and making people ask if it’s deliberate or being done out of ignorance.

Click here for the pictures of utv presenters in npp colours

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