US President described Africa as “shithouse’ not “shithole”, White House source reveals

A source at the White House has claimed that US President Donald Trump did not describe African nations as “shithole”, instead he used the word “shithouse”.

The American president came in for a barrage of criticisms after the Washington Post reported on his disparaging statement against African nations, as well as Haiti and El Salvador.

Trump is alleged to have made the ‘shithole’ comment during a meeting at the White House to consider migrant policies.

He later denied ever using such a word for less-developed nations, insisting he was “the least racist person”.

However, the latest development to the story suggests that the US president used another word instead of the acclaimed “shithole” during the said gathering.

The Post‘s White House reporter Josh Dawsey has revealed that an inside source at the White House has opened up about what really transpired
According to him, the source disclosed that there was an internal meeting at the White House on what word President Trump actually used, with two senators – Republicans’ David Perdue and Tom Cotton – confirming that they heard him use the word “shithouse” instead of “shithole”.

Another US journalist Rich Lowry, who serves as editor of the conservative National Review magazine, told ABC that he understands Mr. Trump used the latter word.

“My understanding from the meeting [is] he used a different but very closely related vulgarity.

“He said ‘s-house’ and not ‘s-hole’. That’s not going to make a difference to anyone. But the general remarks, yes, he said them,” he said.

Despite denying ever using the word “shithole” during that fateful meeting, President Trump has been bashed by both the African Union and United Nations and the latest revelation is bound to rather breed more controversy.

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