Update of NPP secret meeting against John Mahama

Folks, as usual my Vulture Feather didn’t disappoint; I watched the meeting live!

Yaanom said their intelligence report shows that the Bole man wants to come back, and even though they have been exceedingly unhappy about his soaring popularity, both local and international, the crowd that turned up at the Tamale Unity Walk yesterday is something they can never ignore.

They are, therefore, going to use a strategy they dubbed “Operation Strike and Scatter,” to frustrate all lovers and sympathisers of the Bole man.

This strategy includes:

1. Witch-hunting former appointees of the Bole man.

2. They will use their pro-media houses to throw mud at people loyal to the Bole man.

3. They will attack the family of the Bole man, and collapse the businesses of those who can sponsor his campaign.

4. They are in talks with some Umbrella people to attack the Bole man, and are happy some have already begun their work.

5. They are going to sponsor people to contest Umbrella elections from National to Branches.

6. They are going to use tonga power to trap some vociferous Umbrella functionaries and former appointees close to the Bole man. They are going to unleash their Loyal Ladies for this agenda. Kikikikikiki, trust the Loyal Ladies, they can be loyal paa.

Eish, wait a minute, my Vulture Feather is prompting me to watch a Free SHS video, and I can see parents struggling to get prospectus. Are some school heads selling the prospectus?

Keep tuned in; I shall return.

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