Unregistered weapons in the country commence today

Ghanaians and foreigners in possession of unregistered arms will as of today be required to either get them registered or turn them in to the police.

The excercise is in collaboration with the Ghana Police Service and the Commission on Small Arms and Light Weapons.

The Minister for the Interior, Prosper Bani told journalists in Accra that the program is designed to conform to best practices globally in the management of proliferation of arms in the country.

He said the uncontrolled possession of small arms in Ghana, has contributed to the death of some innocent Ghanaians.

Within 32 days all citizens who are in possession of unregistered weapons are required to tun them in to the police or have them registered at designated centers throughout the country.

By law, any one who is in possession of an illegal weapon in the country flouts the Criminal Code 1960 section 96.

Mr Bani said anyone found with unregistered arms after the deadline, will face a minimum of 10years in prison.

The Ministry of the Interior announces that it is the collective responsibility and in the interest of all , both Ghanaians and foreigners, that the government eliminates the dangers associated with the possession of illicit weapons in this country.

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