Unintelligent Mac Manu screams in court

A former National chairman of the New Patriotic Party and current campaign manager for Akufo-Addo’s final attempt to the Presidency of Ghana Peter Mc Manu , has indicated in court to the shock of the gallery that, he lacks knowledge on what a “minute” recorded in meetings was.

Testifying as a witness for the defendants in the case of the National Chairman for the New Patriotic Party Paul Awentami Afoko and the NPP, Mac Manu was shown with “exhibit A” for identification , which happens to be minutes recorded on a joint meeting of National Executive Committee and National Council which appointed and approved, list of members for all standing committees under the National council. Mac Manu who happens to be the former National chairman of the NPP who colluded with then flagbearer Akufo-Addo to surreptitiously amend the party’s constitution to suit their whims and caprices, expressed gross ignorance and cluelessness on what a “minute” is by unconsciously wailing that “the minute tendered in evidence did not report my CONTRIBUTION AND CONVERSATIONS i made on the said meeting. For instance, I remember Hackman Owusu-Agyeman made a contribution but it is not captured in this minutes and that makes this minute invalid”

Meanwhile , the constitution of the NPP which the sordid and crook Mac Manu in connivance with Akufo-Addo amended enjoins that, “Decisions shall be recorded in Meetings” as was related by National Chairman Paul Afoko in his testimony as a witness not long ago. Likewise , in the normal day to day running of business, the accepted basic principle in recording minutes for meetings is that, “Decisions taken are what is recorded as minutes “and not conversations. Isn’t it bizarre that, a former National Chairman of Mac Manu’s calibre will express such weird ignorance on what a Minutes of A meeting is? If conversations are to be recorded in Meetings instead of Decisions, every minutes of meetings will record huge pamphlets.

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Lawyer for Chairman Afoko sought to find out from Mac Manu if he had been present in subsequent meetings to which Mac Manu answered in the affirmative. Additionally, Lawyer for Chairman Afoko who might have known about the standard practise in meetings which is “minutes recorded in previous meetings is read out for corrections and collective approval by members before the start of an immediate subsequent meeting”, then questioned Mac Manu if he raised an objection in subsequent meetings against this recorded minutes in evidence as has been suggested by Mac Manu as an “omission “; to which the disreputable Mac Manu answered in the negative. His answer was “No My Lord”.

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