Uhuru Kenyatta will be re-elected — Tanzania Prophet (Video)

A preacher has revealed in a prophecy that president Uhuru Kenyatta will be reelected – The Tanzania preacher claims God showed him that Uhuru is a stronger candidate than Raila and so he will win – The elections take place on August 8,2017 With the General election just four days away, a preacher has given a strong prophesy as to who will be elected president.

The August 8 election is a tight two horse race between Jubilee’s President Uhuru Kenyatta and NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga. Opinion polls have given different indications as to who will win with both candidates almost remaining equal in strength. Uhuru will win the August 8 polls, a preacher has said.

Now a Tanzania preacher has given a religious view of the race claiming that Uhuru will be re-elected. Using a curious biblical method of numbers and their meaning, the preacher said Uhuru is a stronger candidate compared to Raila. “For three days, God has been speaking to me about the Kenya’s election. God respects seasons and numbers,” he says in a video which has emerged online.

He argues that both Uhuru’s and Raila’s names have five letters each and Biblically, five is the “number of grace” which is the reason why both are attracting huge numbers. But ‘Kenyatta’, Uhuru’s second name is made up of seven letters which is a ‘Godly number’ said the preacher, making the president more powerful than his competitor whose Odinga name has only six letters, a ‘human number’. “If you add the letters in Uhuru’s name, you get 12 numbers and Odinga has 11. if you divide 12 by four, you get three which indicates trinity” he added.

– new opinion poll Raila will lose to Uhuru according to a prophecy. He continues to say that the elections takes place on August 8 which indicates a new beginning. “When I was showed this, Uhuru’s party is called Jubilee and you understand the meaning of Jubilee while Odinga’s party is called Orange. What God has shown me about Kenya, the next president according to the numbers I have given you is Uhuru Kenyatta. God showed me, I’m not Kenyan and that’s the truth, Uhuru will be reelected,” he concludes.

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