UHURU KENYATTA: A simple choice for Kenya on August 8

Presidents Uhuru Kenyatta And Jose Mario Vaz Arrive For Ghana's 59th

Those familiar with their Bible know well the story of Israel’s exodus from Egypt to Canaan.

Some leaders, faced with the rigours of the journey to the Promised Land, reversed their attitude and attempted to convince the people that slavery in Egypt was better – that they should return to poverty, servitude, and subjection. My opponent presents himself as one who will bring the Kenyan people to the Promised Land.Actually, he is far more akin to the grumblers in the desert, who preferred to live in the past.

For all the biblical platitudes he proclaims, my opponent’s words and deeds show that he has chosen a different path; they show that he has chosen to return to a darker Kenya where corruption, violence, and tribalism were common practice, and where poverty stifled the talents of our people. Kenyans have no business following him.

We, since the people of Kenya chose us in 2013, have focused on one and only one trajectory: forward. In the last four years, Kenya has seen unprecedented transformation, growth, and the deepening of our democracy. You may be interested in

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