TV3, GhanaWeb journalists assaulted by NPP ‘Invisible Forces at party Headquarters

A journalist from GhanaWeb and another from TV3 have been beaten by some irate youth of the NPP.

The reporters who got a hint of a protest by some members of the ruling New Patriotic Party from the Ellembele constituency to demand a clean register ahead of their elections in January 2018 went to the party office to film the incident.

But whilst filming, they were attacked by security men who had blocked the entrance to the party office to prevent the protesters from gaining entry.

The well-built men slapped and kicked GhanaWeb’s cameraman on the floor and continued stepping on him as though they were playing football.

Not even onlookers could refrain the security men from manhandling the innocent man.

The TV3 journalist was seen engaging some party members before he was slapped.

The security men went further to seize the phones and other equipment of the journalists.

When the issue was reported to the Ashanti Regional Secretary of the party, Sam Payne upon his arrival at the scene, all he had to say was that “no one asked him to come and film” and walked away without caring to find out how the victims were faring.

Ghanaweb’s cameraman who is traumatised and can’t see properly at the moment keeps on spitting out blood.

The protestors embarked on the demonstration to insist on a clean register as they allege some fraudulent activities in their constituency ahead of the voting in January.

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