Top 10 Reasons Nana Addo And Npp Will Lose 2016 Elections

Akufo addo

With barely few five months to the general elections, the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) is planning cautiously to win the support of Ghanaians so as to prevent entering into opposition for the fourth time. But questions are rife over the possible chances of Nana Addo confidently winning this year’s elections.

Here are possible reasons that may cause the flagbearer to lose the 2016 elections:

Internal tensions within the NPP

paul and kwabena

It’s no news that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has always had to manage the divisiveness within the party. With the suspension of the party chairman, Paul Afoko and general secretary Kwabena Agyepong, questions remain over whether or not the party is prepared to unite the party should he be president of Ghana.

Party violence


Just in 2016 alone, we have had the news of gruesome murders within NPP. The murder of Adams Mahama, bouts of clashes between foot soldiers at the party’s headquarters…the list continues. The NPP has a lot to do in winning the trust of Ghanaians as a peaceful and just political party.

All-die-be-die mantra


It is no news that Nana Addo lost the 2012 general elections due to his violent proclamations on various campaign grounds. The most popular being the All-die-be-die mantra which was used against him by the NDC. If he does not reconsider these flaws, he might as well lose this year’s elections.

Age factor


Already, there is a massive campaign against Nana Addo’s age. The 72-year old opposition leader is beginning to receive severe criticism over his possible output as president of Ghana. Well, Nana Addo himself has revealed that elections cannot be about age but rather experience.

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