Mr President,

Remember, people will judge you by your actions, not your intentions.As the popular saying goes, “An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory”. You spoke eloquently about theory and promises during your campaign,but it ended there.When a leader walk the talk,his behavior becomes a catalyst for people’s trust and faith in him and it also emphasizes what he stands for. Your inconsistencies and failure to act decisively on corruption cases in your government is shattering the comfort zone and weakening your bond of trust with the Ghanaian public. Personally, I see anything thought to be predictable in the future as mere suspect.

Dealing with you is becoming intensely frustrating for Ghanaians including the discerning minds on your side who expect or need a decision.Failure to act on the matters being discussed vigrously in the media places undue pressure your own government and party and risk your government and party’s credibility.

Mr President, your friend in Tanzania, John Magufuli sacked the country’s Information for peddling falsehood in the media, Boris Johnson,your friend was sacked from the Tory front bench after admitting he lied over his affairs with society hostess and writer Petroneila Wyatt. In Ghana, President Mahama removed his appointee Victoria Hammah over a conduct he deemed unbefitting of a minister,Richard Anane was made to step aside for Chraj to investigate an allegations raised against him,Abuga Pele a leading member of the NDC was arraigned before court by his own government, Dzifa Attivor resigned honourably over the bus branding issue.

Mr President,I am sure you’ve been briefed fully on the sale of contaminated fuel by the Managing Director of BOST Mr Alfred Obeng to some unlicenced companies. You are an astute lawyer and have distinguished yourself in terms of practice hence my call on you to immediately act on this controversial issue.

Mr President, the NPA has made it clear that, Movenpiina and Zup oil two of the companies involved in the malfeasance were not licenced to undertake any commercial activity in the downstream petroleum industry at the time the MD dealt with them.According to the NPA, theur activities infringed on section 11 of the National Petroleum Act, ACT 691,2005. The Energy Minister constituted a body to institute full scale investigation into the matter only for the BNI to halt the whole process with their report. I don’t think I have the capacity or academically worthy enough to remind you that the act was criminal.

Mr President your daughter’s name and names of some top officials working at the seat of government, have come up as perons behind the whole deal,Kennedy Agyepong,a senior member of your party said on Radio that the MD was one of the top financiers of your campaign went on further to warn the authorities that he will tell the world how you became the President of the Republic is they removed the MD. According to Mr Agyepong, about 800 oil marketing companies have been formed by some officials of government who are very close to you.

Mr President what your Energy said at the press conference and what the MD himself said vis-a-vis the report released by the NPA, expose the coverup operations going on and being supported by some big hands in government. We heard and saw how people close to your office openly attack the Minister for attempting to investigate the deal.

Mr President,I don’t want to believe that you are so oblivious to reality to the extent that you don’t even realise that your words and posture are out of step with your action. I think you need good and caring friends to shine a bright light on you to expose your insincerity. Hon. Adwoa Sarfo is the minister in charge of procurement a very sensitive position. She is caught on tape lying to executives in his constituency that she personally contracted the loan for the E- School ( Community Day Sec Sch) situated in her constituency. This is a minister who swore an oath before you before you ushered her into her office. I don’t she should continue to head the ministry with this disgraceful matter hanging around her neck.The Energy Minister, per the report released by NPA, Mr Alfred Obeng himself and other facts coming up,lied in his effort to defend the MD.

Mr President, if words aren’t supported with consistent actions,they will ring hollow. You must be reminded that you campaigned on corruption, due diligence and good governance. One of your senior communicators Mr Asamoah Gyamfi has offered you free advice reminding you of the promises you made in opposition,I will respectfully entreat you to get the tape and listen to the young man’s call.

Your Vice President mentioned figures and achievements by your government when he featured on a programme organised by Multimedia which turned out to be lies.The finance ministry and Dr Bawumia are describing the $19b facility differently, one describe it as a loan facility whilst the other claim it is not a loan. This and other similar cases expose the weakness of the government you preside over.

Mr President, stop dazzling Ghanaians with your eloquent presentations and act.Ghanaians are suffocating, people are getting highly disappointed, your supporters are hiding in their rooms…redeem your dying image…

What do you think?

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