This year’s Harmattan will be intense -Meteorological Agency

Principal Officer at the Ghana Meteorological Agency, Muller Tsatsu Tsame is forecasting an intense Harmattan period this year.

He told Joy News, visibility is expected to be poor till December 13 after which a new study will be conducted to ascertain how long it will last.

The dry and dusty West African trade winds made its entry into the Greater Accra region on December 1 to complete its total influence after beginning from the North.

Harmattan winds blow south from the Sahara desert regions into the Gulf of Guinea between the end of November and the middle of March.

Already the aviation industry has taken a hit after domestic flights in the country were grounded temporarily last Saturday.

Starbow Airlines for instance could not make its usual flights on Friday December 4, 2015 due to poor aerial visibility. Apart from a morning flight to Takoradi in the Western Region on Friday, all other flights were cancelled.

The Harmattan season comes with concern for road safety even as Christmas holidays also approaches. Some long distance drivers fear road crashes on the nation’s highways especially, could increase.

According to some drivers who spoke to Joy News, apart from the poor lighting on the highways, the white markings on them are also worn-out. Fixing the lighting systems as well as the markings they say, has become crucial in foggy weather.

Principal Officer at the Ghana Meteorological Agency, Muller Tsatsu Tsame therefore, advising against the burning of bushes in particular, to avert any fire catastrophe

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