This Is The Hour Of Visitation -Anthony Obeng Afrane

I’m pretty sure if we are asked to put down the symbol for brackets, many people will give ( ) as the answer; but they would be wrong if they do. The sign ( ) is called parantheses; [ ] is rather called brackets. Can we blame them? No, that is what we were taught in school. Shameful! Isn’t it?

Parantheses ( ) are basically used to enclose incidental or extra information, such as a passing comment; and also for setting off minor details.

Brackets [ ] are also basically used to identify changes to quoted material.

Friend, is the storm of life blowing hard at you? Are you about to give up? Please don’t! Wait, I have a message for you from Bishop Clarence McClendon, the writer and composer of “This is the Hour of Visitation”.

He says there is something absolutely incredible just ahead, and so don’t quit, keep on moving forward because God is going to do what He says He will do. Even if you failed for the first time, get up! And do it again, and that this time it is going to work because this is your hour of visitation, and that you should hear the Spirit call out.

My brothers and sisters, don’t forget each life has hardships, and each example of overcoming stories is loaded with challenges and failures. Nobody has made it to the spot of accomplishment without confronting and defeating troublesome challenges. And very frequently, those that succeed do it at a great cost. Everybody who succeeds may exhibit a specific quality. Yet, the one quality basic to all achievements is continuance. Since nobody wins without hardship, everybody who wins must persevere!

Persisting hardship is specifically identified with having a persevering vision. A persevering vision is one that is established somewhere down in the heart. Do whatever it takes to keep your objective alive in your heart. The characteristic of a champion is not that he never falls. He or she just keeps getting up.

My words of encouragement is also to the people of Ghana at large. The Spirit is calling out to this nation that we shouldn’t quit, we should move forward because God is going to do what He says He will do for our beautiful nation, and that we are in the hour of visitation. Yes, it is Ghana’s time to be blessed.

I have no shred of doubt in my mind that God has a special interest in Ghana. The fact that Ebola and terrorism ravaged our neighbouring countries without a single incident in our country, strongly confirms my belief. I don’t care what others will say, but I also strongly believe that President John Dramani Mahama is God’s chosen vessel for the expected visitation.

God’s favour is about to fall on Ghana! I can hear the Spirit calling out! And I want to be part of this awesome experience. It is, therefore, needful for me to do my part in the process of continuance. I will not only vote for continuity, but moil for votes for the young man from Bole. I will encourage you to do same. Let’s not turn backwards; let’s keep on moving forward for God is going to do what He says He will do because this is the hour of visitation.

Anthony Obeng Afrane

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