Things have become difficult for us after the change of Gov’t – Kayaye

It is not everything about migration that is negative and if people get to know the success story of some of migrants they would change their thoughts on the matter.

Female Head Porters popularly known as ”KAYAYE” often migrate from the Northern parts of the country to the cities in search of greener pastures or improved income activities with the hope of raising enough money to invest in less labour intensive ventures.

Most of these Kayayei are the breadwinners or saviours of their immediate families back home as the survival of their siblings solely rely on the money they accrue through the menial job.

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Some of them who plies their trade at the Medina Market in Accra shared their plight exclusively with

Amina Abu, who hails from Kundugu in the Upper West region in an interview noted that,” Originally, market was booming, you could make GH¢70 or GH¢80 in a Month but now it is difficult.. and you can only get GH¢10 for the entire month. She is however appealing to President Akufo-Addo and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government to come to their aid and provide them with jobs.”

Rahmah Sireru who also comes from Kundugu noted that,”I come from a poor home..I came here quite recently to work and make some money to cater for my family. Sometimes, I get GH¢1 or nothing to buy food whenever I set off to work.”

Gifty who hails from Bawku in the Upper East Region stated that,”Business is not booming as it used to be; there is no money in the country.. Sometimes I make GH¢15 in a day. I buy food and some others items from that money and because of that, I don’t get to save, my kid and I always get scorched by the burning sun anytime I work.”

According to her, they are really suffering and need government’s intervention..

Rafiyatu Iddrisu, a native of Sombisi in the Upper West Region said that, ” Whenever she set off to work, she hardly get GH¢5..Last year [2016], life was better but this year, it has been worse and difficult.”

Bulenga-Born Barikisu Tukaata also narrated that, ”Market is not good at all. According to her, she makes GH¢5 or 10 daily and GH¢50 monthly.”

She added that, ”Government should get them a better job so that they get out of the scorching sun.”

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