things Ghanaians should learn from Donald Trump’s win

The most important part of an election is showing up to vote. Here are all the lessons Ghanaians should learn from Donald Trump’s win in the US election.

Donald Trump is the president elect of the United States of America!
Second to the upcoming general elections in Ghana, the 2016 US elections is one Ghanaians have followed keenly.
There were a few comparisons between the candidates in the United States and the candidates for the Ghana election. A whole lot of analogies were raised.

After all the drama in the US election, here are things Ghana can learn going into our elections in December.

Beware of silent voters
There are a lot of voices we hear on how one presidential candidate is going to overpower the other on our radios, on our TV sets and everywhere in Ghana, every day.

There are also a lot of voices silently screaming in the heads of many Ghanaians. Voices that are not heard on radio or seen on TV.

These are the silent voters.

They have lived in the country and know what they want. But voicing it out to the public in debates that somehow always end with people still holding their initial opinions prior to the argument, they keep mute.

But inwardly, they know who they are voting for.

Celebrity endorsement does not make or break an election
Ghana has seen a lot of celebrities throw their supports behind presidential candidate A or B. Does it matter?

It could give you a few votes but that’s not set in stones.

The Carters, Jay Z and Beyonce, two of the most popular celebrities in America and the world gave their support to Hillary Clinton going into the US election on Tuesday.

Aside the endorsement from the musicians, there was a full blown concert.

People did enjoy the music but at the end of the day, voting is what mattered and that didn’t turn out to be the case. Clinton lost to Trump.

Celebrity endorsement? Highly overrated!

Your views are not the nation’s views
This is sad but no matter how honest and divine your intentions are as a human being, it is not the views of everyone around you.

Trump had his critics. Hillary had her critics. In the end, one of these sets of critics could not force the other to believe in what they believed in.

This means irrespective of your views towards a presidential candidate, it is never what the nation holds.

Majority will also carry the day. You win some, you lose some.

Donald Trump is the president of the United States of America but a prophet is high on the Twitter trends in Ghana.

All because a prophet made a prediction.

If there’s one thing I think God does not do, it’s watching football and doing politics.

Just think about this, if two presidential candidates pray to God for a win, who does God choose?

Talk is cheap, voting is what matters
People will talk. Always.

However, what counts at the end of the day is actually showing up to vote.

The support you give to your presidential candidate is with you money, your endless arguments, defense and what not may help. If all the people who do this do not show up to vote on the day, it does not matter.

Similarly, the outside world who have no right to vote may voice their opinions but they have no votes.

The US election gave us an example. Hillary Clinton won in a mock election in Kenya plus almost every social media poll run.

When it did matter for the real Americans, she lost.

Talk is cheap Ghana, vote for the leader you want

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