Thief falls asleep in pastor’s room during robbery

A suspected armed robber has been arrested by the Police in Asamankese in the Eastern region after he was caught sleeping in the bedroom of an SDA Pastor.

The 27-year-old suspect, was found half naked and deeply asleep on the bed of Pastor Asare Nyarko having broken into the room through the ceiling to steal properties of the Pastor.

Narrating the incident to Starr News’ Eastern regional Correspondent Kojo Ansah, Mr. Nyarko explained that, the incident occurred Sunday morning after he and his family had left for Church.

According to him, upon their return home, they realized all the outside lights in the house had been put off. They also noticed someone had forcefully entered the house and quickly rushed to the Police Station to lodge a report.

The Police, however, failed to escort the couple home but advised them to take pictures of the burglar for evidence.

Pastor Asare mentioned that upon a careful entry to their room with some Elders of the Church, they found the suspect deeply asleep in their bedroom.

“When we got closer we realized that the bulb that was in the corridor had been removed and the meter had also been closed, that told us that someone had entered the house.

“So we entered the house with caution, looked at the rooms – the first two were intact – so my wife was going to our bedroom and he saw somebody in our room. So all the Elders with myself opened the door and this guy was fast asleep on my bed and not even the noise the seven of us made woke him up.

“We had to shake him before he woke up so [we arrested him] and sent him to the police station”

The suspect had apparently returned to the house after a successful first operation but unfortunately slept off during his second attempt.

The suspect, during interrogation told the Police that after the first entry when he took away some properties, he went to smoke marijuana to gain energy to climb through the ceiling but was dazed and fell asleep in the process.

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