There Are Few Cases People Have Declined To Serve In My Administration – Prez Mahama

President John Dramani Mahama says he is willing to involve more women in his administration if he has the opportunity.

“I am sure that if I have the opportunity I will appoint even more women, because they perform just as well if not better than their male counterparts,”he said.

He said women have done exceptionally well and feels comfortable appointing them into his government.

He was answering a question as to why there seem to be difficulty in appointing more women; whether there are no women qualified and capable enough in taking up positions in goverment.

Speaking on TV3’s ‘NEW DAY’ programme, he stated that, “I think that part of the problem is women because of the nature of our politics, and the nature of the very aggressive media environment, it takes quite some courage to take that kind of responsibility.”

He disclosed that there has been few cases that women opted not to serve in his administration.

“There are a few cases where I have asked somebody to serve in my administration and they have asked me to give them time to think about it and later they have declined,” President John Mahama disclosed, but refused to mention names.

According to him it is our penchant to politicizing everything and attacking office holders that has led to such a situation.

“It takes quite some courage to accept these kinds of appointments,” he added.

He said the situation is changing with time as we have a lot of role models for women, and that is encouraging more women who will be willing to offer themselves up for positions in future.

“And I am willing, if I find any qualified woman I will appoint her into position,” he stated.

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