The wonderful wizard of Oz

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” is a children’s novel written by L. Frank Baum and illustrated by W.W. Denslow. The book was originally published in Chicago on May 17, 1900 by George M. Hill Company.

The story chronicles the adventure of a young girl named Dorothy Gale in the Land of Oz after being swept away from her Kansas farm home in a cyclone. After series of dangerous adventures, Dorothy was eventually helped by The Wizard of Oz to find her way back home.

I have always thought that witches and wizards are evil and wicked, but the story of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” seems to disagree. That notwithstanding, I’m yet to hear of a single good deed of witches and wizards from Africa, and would like to agree with the lyrics of one of the songs of A.B. Crentsil which says that Whites use witchcraft to invent aircrafts and other important gadgets to make life comfortable while the Blackman uses the same spiritual power to destroy and “pull others down.”

I have heard of some interesting witches and wizards true stories in Ghana, and would like to share one with you. Many years ago, the chief and people of a certain remote village in Ghana, Domeabra appealed to government for public transport to make life a bit bearable for them, since the road leading to the village was almost unmotorable, and could not be traversed by most vehicles.

Government listened to their plea and sent them a Tata bus to ply the road between Domeabra and Oda, while arranging to rehabilitate the road. Economic activity picked up in the village and some business-minded people started making money by traveling on board the bus to buy goods in Oda to sell at Domeabra. But some people at the village seemed not happy with the progress of these business people. The bus started breaking down under strange circumstances other than the normal breakdowns associated with bad roads.

The bus driver and his conductor observed that the engine of the bus was exceedingly hot even before they began work around 5a.m., signifying that the bus had been used while they had slept. They, therefore, woke up at 1.30a.m. one day to investigate. About two hundred metres from where the bus was parked, they heard the horn of the bus blowing; they became curious and doubled their steps. About fifty metres away, they heard the engine of the bus running. Baffled with what was going on, they rushed to the scene, and you can’t imagine what they saw! The bus was filled with goats, with some jumping on the steering wheel causing the horn to blow! Chai, were they Wicked Wizards of Domeabra? That is Africa for you.

The driver and his conductor did not hesitate to send a report of what they witnessed to their office, and the bus service was withdrawn from Domeabra at once, scuppering the growing business of the traders.

As much as the activities of these Enemies Of Progress (EOP) in the form of “human-goats” may sound incredible, there are credible evidence showing that the stagnation of development in this country is partly caused by activities of some other EOPs.
Abakade, I hear say somebody dey go round dey talk say President Mahama be King when it comes to collapsing businesses, and has given him the title Nana Ogu Adwuma I. Chai, people should not attack Opana for such comments oo; desperate times call for desperate measures; the truth is that JM has collapsed some kind of businesses making it difficult for some people to get funds for their campaign. Eish, please don’t get me wrong, I never mentioned Coke, I know some of you, you always want to put me in trouble. If you feel thirsty and want some coke to quench your thirst you may contact the following agents: Agya Amankwa, Uncle Anfo Kwachi, Dishonourable Amoatin, et al. Na those guys be wholesalers oo.

Anyway, coming back to my EOP issue, it is unimaginable how wicked some people can be! How can any normal human being decide to deliberately set fire to the Tema Central Medical Stores? Can you imagine the number of people who lost their lives for lack of drugs and the amount of money lost to the state because of the arson?

Hehehehehe, and I hear Opana says if Torfiakwa he becomes a president he will stop the enigma outbreak of fire in the country. My advice to the security forces is that if they are looking for arsonists they should not look too far oo. Whoever wants to be a ruler at all costs, at the expense of the people he intends to rule must be a wicked wizard. Kikikikikiki, and I know someone who is an emissary of savagery, and haughtiness, and perfidy, and devil knows what else!

Kai, who whispered the person is the Wicked Wizard of Kibi? You see what I don’t like about some of you? You always try to put words in my mouth, which I don’t like at all. Please desist from that! I don’t know of any Wicked Wizard of Kibi wai. I don’t want any trouble.

By Anthony Obeng Afrane

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