The opposition npp is too weak and confused to win the November 7th election

The opposition npp is too weak and confused to win the November 7th,2016 election should the ruling Ndc enter the race with some smart strategies, and alignments, the fragmented opposition should start looking to 2021. The claim of rigging is our Ghanaian way of conceding defeat in elections. The eminent defeat is a result of own enumerable party failures of driving issues based politics.

Embracing frictional politics does not fly in this dispensation. Sadly, other than Dr. Paa kwasi Nduom known for trying his best on leading mature and issues based opposition politics, most opposition parties have remained academic clubs too detracted with none issue politicking, internal deficiencies bordering on party identity crisis, political strategy, and character to inspire national confidence.

Sadly, many parties have drifted into sensational political theater platforms of lamentable failure to articulately sale their agenda to Ghanaians. Their outrageous promises lack the “how” component of policy implementation.

The period 2008 to 2012, sadly was a lost period of opposition politics since Npp lost power. Those with the opportunity to reorganize, wasted time on insulting late President Mills and laughing at his health. As if not enough mistake to learn from, after suffering defeat at the hands of President John Mahama a totally new candidate, the country was stunned when 2016 became a reload of opposition failures characterized with lack of political mojo and thought leadership. Most opposition parties have dug themselves in concoctions of whatever cyberstalkers and internet trolls come up with.

Unfortunately, none of these politician is a political bulldozer in the league of president John Mahama to shock Ghanaians unless Ndc sabotage its own chances, the opposition is just pretending to have a shot at ousting President John Mahama and his ruling Ndc. President John Mahama’s ruling Ndc is virtually assured of keeping power in the November 7th vote.

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