For those of us, as young children who use to watch Chief Dele Momodu of OVATION INTERNATIONAL on Nigeria’s Premier TV, AIT (Africa International Television) managed by DAAR Communication, it was always an inspiration. He brought the ‘lifestyle’ of leaders, rich and famous to the door step of the ordinary ‘Nigerian’. I think (can’t be quiet sure but was rumoured) that he founded KENNIS MUSIC, a music label that produced the first hip hop group in Nigeria, Plantation Boyz which was made up of Face, 2 Face and Black Face. There was this Friday Night Life program on AIT called AIT JAMZ hosted by 2 fine gentlemen, Ken and Ken (I hope I remember well their names).

My favorite show was The Challey Boy Show by the ever defiant Challey Boy on Saturdays.. Every body, both young and old, rich and poor, powerful and downtrodden watched as he commented on ‘sensitive’ national issues in a way and manner that tickled your emotions and trickled your thoughts. He introduced what is now a globally accepted Comic TV Prank.

Chief Dele Momodu, when he was interviewed on UNIIQ FM in Accra somewhere in 2006, I phoned in and he promised me an Ovation Magazine (walahi, the day wey I go see am, I go take am the Ajegunle way plus autograph) which never came. Greg Mingle was the host of the program and only a few called into the program. The great Chief Dele Momodu who make small men great and great men greater.

It is for no reason that when I saw him became very close to President John Dramani Mahama, I was glad or should I say the gladdest person in Ghana. I was happy not because I have direct relationship or connection with President Mahama (Ghana’s Obama, the name NDC-TEIN UG-Legon gave him in 2007, I’m honoured to be part of the executives at that time).

I must say that I salute Chief Dele Momodu for being the bridge that he is. The exposure being given to President Mahama is one that we as a people must learn from, on who to choose as a friend and comrade.

Some people are praise singers (sometimes called sycophants). All they do is hail you every time as if they are reciting Hail Mary or The Lords Prayer. If you have a lot of praise singers in your fold, then congratulation. You will be a boss in your little cottage. The other time I saw a picture of President John Mahama with the over lord of Edo, Igbinedion (why have I forgotten his name so soon, any remedy?), I said to myself, every leader must have a Chief Dele Momodu.

His influence transcends politics, he makes a nobody somebody. I am informed that one of my classmates from CSSI-Ibadan works with #TeamOvation (maybe he is not even close to Chief Dele), but let me say unscientifically, that Nigerians are more successful than Ghanaians..

Do we have individuals owning private jets??
Do we have persons who are loyal to a person for life?
Do we have persons who will fight for a course by defying existing tide?
Do we have people who want to stand out and be counted?

I have love for the lyrics of the song by Osibisa band:

We are going
heaven knows where we are going,
we know we are

We will get there
Heavens know how we will get there
We know we will

It will be ……
And the road will be .. and rough

But we will get there…

May we have the team spirit to get there, remain loyal and stand out to be counted. For comrades who doubt me, taste and see the beauty of pito, that can be your interim link between life and living.

Edem Koku Edem,

Written by Web Master

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