The Judges Deserves Our Sympathy – Ohenenana Obonti Krow

There are many kinds of contempt of court.In general,any wilful act of omission calculated to impede the proceedings of a court order the carrying out of its orders or operations is contempt of court.Where any act done or writing published,submissions on Radio is calculated to obstruct or interfere with the due course of justice or the lawful process of the court,as,for example the intimidation of a or interference with jurors or even witnesses or comments relating to pending cases which are calculated to prejudice their fair trial and so interfer with the course of justice.I have taken time to read articles written by known legal minds on the matter but personally my position from day one has been that of total plea for forgiveness without jumping into the arena of technicalities.

Yes,it is true that contempt may be committed away from the court building itself as we have now but dwelling on such technicalities will not help anybody we may rather end up surging up emotions which could lead to catastrophic result.Many of us especially those who frequent our radio stations,write articles and speak at public gatherings unconsciously commit contempt but walk home freely.Publicly commenting on the merits of a case before it has been tried and finished,attempting to influence witnesses or members of the jury are all examples of contempt of court.The only point noteworthy is that if the contempt is committed in the face of the court,or if the court in question is not having the power to punish for contempt the conduct complained of is investigated by the appropriate court and an order is then made as to the punishment.In this particular case,the apex court was attacked which makes the whole case a bit complex.

I am happy with what I have seen and witnessed so far,the genuine show of remorse and the concerted display of remorse by all parties hauled before the noble judges.Remore and apology are powerful forces in everyday life.Parents make their children apologise for everyday wrongs.I am sorry is a common expression,and confession and forgiveness looms large in both religious rituals and secular Reconciliation.I know very very well that our noble judges value remorse and apology because they heal psyche wounds,teach lessons and reconcile damaged relationship.It is not their wish to send people to jail or,detach parents from children but our own attitude and posture when we appear before them at time contribute to punishments inflicted on us.

I know very well that some of my friends reading this post will say the notion of forgiveness is far afield from the world of law,but beloved forgiveness is a powerful and important tool in our everyday life.Litigants need legal solutions,but they also need peace,healing and closure and I can say emphatically that forgiveness provides vehicle for achieving all of these.I listened to previous comments Mugabe made about our judges prior to that black day and can rightly say the man has huge respect for the noble judges,I have listened to submissions by Alistair Nelson and do can confidently say he is one of the fine brains we have on our airwaves it is unfortunate he got himself carried away by emotions that very day.He is harmless,calm,respectful and a good listener.We are all wilful or unwilful offenders when it comes to reckless utterances on Radio and at political gatherings but the good thing is that we seeing tremendous reformation across as a result of such clever and matured steps by our judges.

I can’t say or write much,I am unworthy to untie sandals of my noble judges,my conviction has always been that it will only take God’s blessings and directives to reach the height they find themselves,you see them and instinctively revere and respect them.They understand the dynamics more than I do although may appear apolitical.What we saw of them during the Petition Trial must instil hope in us.I am on my knees just pleading for mercies for our friends.I have learnt a lot from what is happening,I see natural reformation within,my tongue with operate with caution and care and I know very well that one day my friends Mugabe,Alistair,Guan and all will mention the judges sitting on the case as legends they must always celebrate.

Those calling for the heads of our friends must first do introspective assessment.Jesus said he who think is clean should (can) throw the first stone.

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