The Hypocrisy of the NPP Apologists Must Stop – Young Cadres

Ghana’s main opposition party, the New Patriotic Party(NPP), is fast becoming a party of hypocrites and propagandists who will stop at nothing to make political capital out of any disaster that befalls this nation. Indeed, the party’s penchant for hypocrisy is mind-boggling. Even when one of their own has fallen and common sense calls for calm and sober reflections at this critical moment, the party is already playing politics with this unfortunate incident which, to all intents and purposes, could be a common criminal act.

Ghana woke up today to an unfortunate news of the murder of Hon. J.B Danquah, the NPP Member of Parliament for Abuakwa North, and the NPP as usual and at its hypocritical best has jumped on this unfortunate incident to blame government and denigrate the unmatched achievements that President Mahama and his team has chalked in the area of security.

As usual, the baton fell on the loudmouthed Bernard Antwi Bosiako, the so-called Chairman Wontumi, to do the dirty work of jumping to a hasty conclusion in attributing the death of the late MP to a breakdown in the nation’s security. It is disgusting and preposterous for anybody in his right senses to draw such a hasty conclusion. Such spurious claims should not come from a party wishing to assume the reigns of power of our dear nation.

When the overlord of Dagbon Ya-Na Yakubu Andani was murdered in cold blood with a number of his elders during the term of President Kuffuor, did anyone say that the country’s security had broken down? When Wontumi wants to use the death of the late J.B. Danquah as the basis for saying security in the nation has broken down, was he not in this country when his own party supporters killed Adams Mahama and Abubakr Saddique in broad daylight? Or does he want to confirm our long-held belief that the NPP values Akan lives more than that of other tribes?

For the avoidance of doubt, we the Young Cadres of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) would like to place on record that President Mahama and his government’s achievements in resourcing and retooling the nation’s security agencies is unmatched in the nation’s history. When it comes to the provision of transportation facilities for the Ghana Police, for instance, the Peugeot saloon cars provided to the force by the NPP government led by President Kuffuor are no match for the hundreds of hardbody, tough and rugged 4×4 vehicles which this government has given to the service.

Even more, this government continues to improve the welfare of the security agencies by not only providing them with vehicles and other gadgets for their work, but also providing new accommodation and seeing to unprecedented increases in their remunerations. The Single Spine Salary Structure which is being enjoyed by security agencies has seen members of the security forces who, hitherto, were struggling to make meaningful living, now enjoying comfortable lives.

The government continues to resource the Armed Forces, the Prison Service, Fire Service
and all the security agencies and only last week, hundreds of vehicles were given to some security agencies to facilitate their smooth operations.

Ghana continues to remain an oasis of peace within the West African sub-region and it is on this basis that people from all over the region continue to flock onto the shores of the nation.

Chairman Wontumi and his band of alarmist nation-wreckers should not create any phantom insecure state in their minds to paint a picture of a general breakdown of law and order in the nation to scare law-abiding citizens from going about their lawful duties.

The security agencies have been resourced and are fully up to the task and we, the Young Cadres, will continue to support the President in his bid to create a lasting safe and secure society for all.

Long live Young Cadres Association
Long live the NDC
Long live Ghana

Signed:General Secretary
(Bright botchway)
Tel 0249999145

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