The aL-hAJJ Newspaper Denies Fadi Dabbousi’s Claim

Fadi Dabousi is a staunch supporter of the opposition NPP

Editors of aL-hAJJ Newspaper have released a statement to counter allegations leveled against them by Fadi Dabbousi, a Lebanese-Ghanaian who was arrested by The Bureau of National investigations (BNI)for publishing false and defamatory stories about President John Dramani Mahama.

According to Fadi , he saw the stories he wrote from publications from aL-hAJJ newspaper and Catalyst newspaper, therefore The Bureau of National investigations (BNI)should be arresting the editors of those newspapers he sourced his information from rather than him.

In a statement released by the alhajj newspaper signed by the News Editor (Amos Blessing Amorse) and copied to,the paper cautioned the General public to Ignore allegations leveled against them by Fadi Daboussi

Below is the full statement

The aL-hAJJ Denies Fadi Dabbousi’s Claim
Fadi Dabbousi must not attempt to find cover in The aL-hAJJ newspaper for his reckless comments leading to his arrest and detention by the Bureau of National Investigation.

If a journalist of his standing could hold on to not only an unverifiable and spurious but also malicious story on the internet as gospel truth after same was debunked by The aL-hAJJ newspaper, and apologies rendered to the paper and President Mahama by online news outlets that published the story, then Fadi Dabbousi is an epitome of what his comment has exposed him to be.

The aL-hAJJ newspaper has NEVER published any story about President Mahama or the First Family depicting what Fadi Dabbousi said formed the basis for his comment. He must not attempt to use The aL-hAJJ as smoke screen for his irresponsible comment which has brought so much shame to him and his family.

Having realized his folly, one would have thought that Fadi Dabbousi would be guided by the truth, but it appears he and his Lawyer are yet to learn lessons so while he (Fadi Dabbousi) told another lie about The aL-hAJJ on Peace Fm, his Lawyer also made same erroneous allusions on other media networks.

We demand that Fadi Dabbousi and lawyer produce a copy of our newspaper in which we published the supposed story he and his lawyer claimed formed the basis for his reckless comment within one week beginning today, September 27, 2016. Failure to do this on the specified date would force as to instruct our lawyers to take steps to clear our name. We do not take attempts by Fadi Dabbousi and his lawyer to dent the image of the newspaper lightly.
Amos Blessing Amorse

News Editor

The aL-hAJJ

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