Thank you Kwahuman for Roundly Rejecting NPP when they insulted your Chiefs and People

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*Thank you Kwahuman for Roundly Rejecting NPP when they insulted your Chiefs and People*

We will like to Congratulate the good people of Kwahu represented by the Abetifi Constituency for showing how principled they can be when they roundly rejected the NPP in the just held Abetifi by-election by abstaining from voting.
This confirms the fact that Kwahuman highly revere their traditional leaders and also abhors politics of insult and lies.
Out of 43,823 registered voters, only 15,577 voters participated in the by-election representing some paltry 35.55% voter turn-out despite the presence of (Dr) Nana Addo, Dr Bawumiah and Key National Party functionaries.

The 28,246 registered voters who didn’t participate in the by-election represent the dissented minds who are against the NPP’s unprovoked insult on the chiefs and people of Kwahu.
These are also NPP party members and sympathizers who are against intra-party corruption, lack of accountability for party funds, intolerance on the part of the party’s leadership, infighting through which precious lives have either been maimed or injured and the generally poor leadership style of the party’s flagbearer and leader, Nana Akufo Addo.

Sad as it was, it is worth mentioning how NPP party agents were left to their fate at several polling stations without food till late in the evening. This obviously came about as a result of the sharp division within the party that has trickled down to the polling station level as well as lack of transparency and accountability.

We advise the NPP not to repeat these unfortunate acts during the general election since it affects our democratic credentials as a nation.

Our intelligence points to the fact that there was an Information Technology (IT) system and human failure between the NPP’s Headquarters at Asylum Down, Accra and Abetifi for which their planned system for gathering and collating results failed.
This clearly betrays the NPP as a party that is bereft of ideas and strategies.
We are hopeful that the close to 70% of the Constituents who refused to vote are waiting on November 7th to vote for His Excellency John Dramani Mahama and Emmanuel Tabi and we are very grateful.

Agenda 50-50 has indeed come to stay. It is insightful to state that it could even be Agenda 55-45 in the NDC’s favor. This is because the NPP is yet to find answers to any of the strategies of the NDC in the Eastern Region.

President John Dramani Mahama has achieved a lot in his first term of office, particularly in the Eastern Region, regardless of the challenges we faced as a nation.
We are confident of another resounding one touch victory for President Mahama. Insha Allah, JM will win Eastern Region hands down when we go to the polls.
The records available favors President Mahama. Lives have been changed and his transformational agenda has positively affected every part of the region.

KEVOR, Mark-Oliver
Eastern Regional Secretary, NDC

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