Terkper to present supplementary budget today

Finance Minister, Seth Terkper will today present a mid- year budget review and a supplementary budget to parliament. 

The document is expected to give a breakdown on the various timelines for implementing some targets set out in the 2015, 2016 budget while presenting an outlook of next year’s estimates.

By this, Seth Terkper will present government’s performance on the achievement of key macroeconomic indicators such are inflation, debt consolidation, interest rates and employment rates. In addition, the budget will indicate some key economic areas in preparation of the 2017 to 2019 budgets. 

As part of the targets that would be assessed, government was expected to commence negotiating with organized labour on salaries for 2017 in April this year. 

The move was to ensure that, government does not go into 2017 with any expenditure that is not approved by parliament. 

Being an election year, the budget is expected to also capture clearly how government intends to cut down on unplanned expenditure to prevent budget overruns like have been witnessed in election years. 

Also, Mr. Seth Terkper will be expected to demonstrate how government plans to end the electricity crisis which has come back in recent times.

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